Exploring Careers in Health Care

Health Care offers something for everyone!

There are over 200 different career options in health care. These options require various educational levels and offer a variety of work-place settings. In addition to acute care, psychiatric, and rehabilitation hospitals, health care professionals may be employed by educational institutions, clinics, home-health agencies, emergency service providers, long-term care facilities, accounting firms, advertising agencies, public relations firms, insurance companies, government health and welfare departments, law firms, out-placement firms, employment agencies, pharmaceutical companies, publishing houses, research institutions, and manufacturing plants.

Opportunities for health care professionals increase every day. The United States Department of Labor estimated that 10 of the 12 fastest growing occupations are in health care. The Department of Labor is also forecasting a demand for over 1 million newly created positions in health care within the next 10 years.

With all of these opportunities, there is something for everyone! It’s time you found your place in health care today!

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