Sartori and Mercy Hospitals to Offer Digital Radiography

posted 12/18/2014 by Augusta Sires in News

Digital radiography will soon be available at both Sartori Memorial Hospital and Mercy Hospital. From mid-December 2014 through February 2015, the current portable x-ray units and x-ray rooms at both facilities will be upgraded from using computed radiography plates to direct digital imaging.
At this time, computed radiography plates are taken to a reader and converted to digital files, but with the upcoming improvements, technologists will be able to get direct digital images without having to process images through a reader. These improvements will allow both hospitals to provide enhanced screening and diagnostic care to patients, in addition to a more efficient health care experience.
“Patient safety and comfort are important to us,” said Allison Ingels, Mercy Hospital Radiology Supervisor. “These upgrades will allow us to perform exams in a timely manner and decrease the exam time. We will have the ability to perform emergent exams quickly and provide results to all physicians more efficiently.”
The upgraded portable units, anticipated to be ready for use this month, will be a valuable improvement for the emergency department. Physicians and nurses will now have the ability to view x-ray images in the emergency room immediately, rather than wait for images to be processed.
"We are very excited to bring this digital technology to our patients!” said Cindy Reeves, Sartori Memorial Hospital Imaging Services Supervisor. “The time it takes from our current ways of producing x-ray images, in minutes, has now turned into seconds, which reduces wait times for our patients and creates an efficient work load for our technologists. This makes all involved very happy!”
When the x-ray room updates are completed in early 2015, the technologists will also be able to see images immediately. This will help them know if the image is acceptable before moving to the next image. 
Other benefits of this new technology include improved image quality and ability for images to be both shared and reviewed electronically, right away, at Sartori, Mercy or different locations if necessary.
The radiology department will continue to provide the same services you know and trust, using this upgraded technology to offer enhanced imaging care. If you have questions about this new offering, please call 319.268.3060 at Sartori or 319.283.6055 at Mercy.