Iowa Spine & Brain Institute

For Referring Physicians

In an effort to best serve your patients, we ask that you please provide the following:

  • Referral letter or most recent office notes concerning the reason for consult
  • Closed MRI, of involved area, within six months. May have CT and Myelogram if patient has pacemaker or is otherwise unable to have MRI.
  • Plain films, of involved area, within six months: A/P and Lateral
    Note: Cervical patients do not need obliques unless the first cervical vertebra is involved
  • Patients to bring old tests or studies done pertaining to the affected area, including old films and old EMG’s

Patients must be instructed to bring all films with them. Unfortunately, we will have to reschedule the appointment if the films are not with the patient.

If you have questions, or are unable to provide the requested information, please call us at 319.272.5000

Thank you for the referral and assisting us in providing the most efficient care for your patients.