Occupational Medicine and Wellness


Starting an occupational medicine program at your workplace can seem overwhelming and time consuming. We understand and can help!

Occupational Medicine centers on the preventive medicine and management of illness, injury or disability that is related to the workplace. Occupational Medicine is the medical specialty that focuses on workplace health and safety.

For over 15 years, Wheaton Occupational Medicine & Wellness has been providing quality and convenient occupational health care to businesses and their employees just like yours. On average, our clinic services per year include:

  • 10,000+ Patient Visits
  • 1,000+Audiograms, including on-site audiograms
  • 4,500+ Drug Screens
  • 2,500+ Employment Physicals
  • Plus Travel Medicine, Immunizations, Post Job Offer Testing and Nursing Assessments, Corporate Wellness and Disease Management!