School of Radiography


1st Semester

  • Introduction to Radiologic Technology/Introduction to Radiation Protection
  • Radiographic Processing Techniques
  • Introduction to Radiologic Physics
  • Medical Ethics
  • Methods of Patient Care
  • Human Structure and Function
  • Medical Terminology
  • Radiographic Procedures I
  • Principles of Exposure I
  • Radiographic Film Critique I
  • Applied Clinical Radiography I

2nd Semester

  • Radiographic Procedures II
  • Imaging Equipment
  • Principles of Radiation Protection/Radiation Biology
  • Supplementary Radiographic Procedures
  • Radiographic Pathology
  • Radiographic Film Critique II
  • Applied Clinical Radiography II

3rd Semester

  • Radiation Physics
  • Independent Research and Study
  • Introduction to Sectional Anatomy
  • Introduction to Computed Tomography
  • Introduction to Nuclear Medicine
  • Introduction to Ultrasound
  • Introduction to Radiation Therapy
  • Radiographic Film Critique III
  • Applied Clinical Radiography III

4th Semester

  • Radiographic Exposure II
  • Introduction to Quality Assurance
  • Introduction to Mammography
  • Introduction to MRI
  • General Registry Exam Review
  • Radiographic Film Critique IV
  • Applied Clinical Radiography IV

(Order of courses subject to change.)