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Patients of the Midwest Institute of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery can have many questions as they adjust to their new eating requirements. Long term changes in food choices are necessary for successful weight loss and optimal health after any weight loss surgery. A Registered Dietitian will provide education of the diet changes and phases pre and post surgery during your initial consultation at the Minimally Invasive Weight Loss Clinic. These changes are also introduced during the required weight loss surgery seminars. Registered Dietitians who are familiar with these lifestyle changes for surgery success are available for physician supervised weight loss counseling prior to surgery. Appointments can be made by calling 319-272-7200.

Phase 0 diet - Two Weeks Before Surgery Diet

Phase I Diet - Clear Liquid Diet, First Two Weeks After Surgery

Phase II Diet - Pureed Foods 3rd to 6th Week After Surgery - For 1 Month

Phase III Diet - Semi Soft to Solid Foods 7th Week to 6 Months After Surgery

Phase IV Diet - Successful Eating for a Lifetime

Multivitamins and Mineral Supplements

Food Record

Info and Rules

Golden Rules

Protein Content of Foods

Potential Food Intolerance

Grocery Shopping and Menu Planning

Dining Away From Home

Medication After Surgery