Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery - Rachel

Rachel's Story

In February 2009, I attended a seminar with a girlfriend of mine. Dr. Hodges happened to be speaking at that particular seminar. I knew something needed to change in my life. I was almost 36 years old and I had been on blood pressure medicine for a few years, and was directly related to my weight. Both my parents were struggling with diabetes and it seemed that was what I had to look forward to in my future. I honestly hadn't given weight loss surgery a lot of thought prior to this, but the seminar really made it seem possible. I started the process of getting approval and my six month medically-supervised diet that was required by my insurance company. Dr Hodges and his staff, along with my primary care provider, Elaine Kuns, were amazing! They helped me along every step of the way. Initially I thought six months sounded like forever but it actually went by really quickly. I was actually out of town when the approval from my insurance company came in July 2009. I was sitting in St Mary's hospital in Duluth, Minnesota because my father had just had triple bypass. I knew this was the jump start I needed to get healthier, and after having spent five days in the ICU waiting room, I knew I had to get healthy for my own kids.

>My surgery date was August 21, 2009 and the day was a whirl wind of tests and appointments, and the dreaded liquid diet. I still think the liquid diet was the hardest part of the whole process. My surgery was a breeze. I stayed overnight in the hospital and spent the next three to four days at home on the couch. I had no complications, everything went as planned, and I was back on my feet in no time.

I got my first fill in September, nothing to it! But every time I got a fill I felt like I had to re-learn what I could eat and what I couldn't any more. It seemed like it took a while for me to really start to feel the restriction but eventually I could tell that my capacity to eat was decreasing. I had done a ton of research online with friends. I wanted to be as prepared as I could for what I was going to go thru. I never thought this was a cure-all. I knew I was going to have to change my life in order for this to work. There were plenty of times I was discouraged and tired of thinking about what I could eat and couldn't eat but I kept going. I allowed myself to make mistakes and learn from them, and I allowed myself time to adjust. I'd spent 36 years eating one way and I needed to give my head a little bit of time to accept the change.

I'm happy to say that today - nearly two years later - I am down 85 lbs! I feel wonderful! I could have never done this without the Lap Band™ procedure. I'm way more active than I use to be. Shopping is no longer an anxiety ridden chore but something I love to do. In general I feel like a happier, healthier person and that's a benefit to my entire family. I'm very lucky to have the support of my husband. He jumped on the band wagon in late February and had his surgery three weeks after I had mine. We've been able to truly share this experience together and change our lives for the better.