Cancer Transitions Program

Cancer Transitions™ is a two-hour, six-week workshop designed to help cancer survivors make the transition from active treatment to post-treatment care.

Expert panelists will discuss exercise tailored to each participant’s abilities, training in relaxation and stress management, tips for nutritious eating, and medical management after treatment. Cancer Transitions will answer many of your questions about life after cancer treatment. The course costs just $10 and covers the following topics:

  • Get Back to Wellness: Take Control of Your Survivorship
  • Exercise for Wellness: Customized Exercise
  • Emotional Health and Well-Being: From Patient to Survivor
  • Nutrition Beyond Cancer
  • Medical Management Beyond Cancer: What You Need to Know
  • Life Beyond Cancer
Learn how Cancer Transitions helped one local cancer survivor:

Program Details

LOCATION: Covenant Cancer Treatment Center, 200 E. Ridgeway Avenue, Waterloo

Timi Brown, CTRS, CCES, CBCE - Med-Fit Coordinator and Cancer Exercise Specialist, Covenant Wellness Center and Covenant Cancer Treatment Center
Michelle Bishop, RDLD – Registered Dietitian, Covenant Cancer Treatment Center

For more details about the next available session, call 319.272.1755

If you have questions or would like more information about Covenant Cancer Treatment Center, please call: 319.272.2070 (Medical Oncology & Hematology) or 319.272.2800 (Radiation Oncology). We look forward to talking to you!