Diagnostic Testing

Because Covenant Cancer Treatment Center is a comprehensive and accredited program, medical staff throughout the entire Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare system work together to ensure quality care from diagnosis to recovery.

Advanced diagnostic equipment is used to aid in the medical needs for each patient. State-of-the-art equipment including Computer Tomography (CT) scanning, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Positron Emission Testing (PET) scanning, ultrasound, digital subtraction angiography, mammography and nuclear scanning are available at a variety of sites throughout Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare.

Positron Emission Testing (PET/CT – PET)

PET/CT is an innovative imaging technique which focuses on the metabolic changes present in many types of cancers. Its sensitivity in detecting malignant tumors offers distinct advantages over other forms of structural based diagnostic imaging. Merging PET with CT in the same scanning process combines the best of both technologies and allows physicians to both identify and localize malignancies with great accuracy. PET/CT scanning is offered on-site.

Lab Services

Lab services are provided on-site.


Patients diagnosed with cancer often have surgery to remove as much of the cancer tissue as possible. Surgery is conducted at area hospitals to ensure you have the best access to equipment and surgical care. Should treatments be needed, you would receive treatments at Covenant Cancer Treatment Center.

Our highly-skilled surgeons perform surgeries for the following cancer diagnoses: brain, breast, bone metastasis, central nervous system, cervical, colorectal, esophageal, gallbladder, gastric, gastro intestinal, gynecological, head and neck, kidney, leukemia, lung, lymphoma, melanoma, multiple myeloma, ovarian, prostate, skin and soft tissue.

If you have questions or would like more information about Covenant Cancer Treatment Center, please call: 319.272.2070 (Medical Oncology & Hematology) or 319.272.2800 (Radiation Oncology). We look forward to talking to you!