Other Services

Because Covenant Cancer Treatment Center is part of Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, cancer patients and their families have access to the only comprehensive, accredited and multidisciplinary program in the area.

Our program offers additional services available throughout the Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare system and assists in the patient’s diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Our professional health care team works closely with the patient, family members and physician to design an individual program for follow-up care and medical equipment needs.

Our patients also have access to the following services:

Cancer Van

The average radiation oncology patient makes around 30 trips to Covenant Cancer Treatment Center for treatments over a six-week period. The goal of the Cancer Van is to provide free transportation to patients who must travel 60 miles or more round trip from various Northeast Iowa communities for their radiation treatments. This service is provided to relieve some of the expense and inconvenience for patients who travel from outside the metro area for treatment.


The metro Care-A-Van service also provides free transportation for patients who need assistance in getting to the Covenant Cancer Treatment Center.

Counseling Support

Cancer patients and family members often need help dealing with the emotional aspects of the disease. Through facts, encouragement, and understanding, they quickly learn they are not alone in facing the challenge of living with cancer. A social worker, support groups and educational programs help the entire family cope with concerns and questions regarding cancer. Support groups include “Care and Share”, Breast Cancer Support Group, and Thyroid Cancer Support Group.

Nutritional Counseling

Proper nutrition is a very important part of the recovery process. Nutritional counseling is provided to cancer patients to help plan individual dietary needs, build strength and cope with potential side effects of treatment. A registered dietitian answers questions and recommends strategies for maintaining good nutritional health.

Coordinated Education Services

Comfort, support and information are readily accessible to cancer patients and their families. Educational programs, resource information and counseling services are conveniently provided within Covenant Cancer Treatment Center to meet the needs of our patients.

Hospice Services

Hospice care emphasizes comfort measures and counseling for terminal patients and their families. Covenant Cancer Treatment Center has information available on area hospice programs.

Covenant Home Medical

For patients who need medical equipment in the home, Covenant Home Medical offers durable wheelchairs, beds, walkers, respiratory machines and more. Professional instruction and insurance filing are also provided. For information on home delivery or for emergency support 24-hours a day, seven days a week, call (319) 272-5626.


Qualified caregivers are available 24-hours a day through SecuraSitter program. "Companion sitting" provides a professional companion for shut-ins or individuals recovering from treatments. "Stop-in" sitting provides a caregiver who will grocery shop, provide transportation or run errands; while the owner is out of town or in the hospital. For more information call (319) 272-5111.

Covenant Home Health

Covenant Home Health enables the patient to remain in the comfort of their own home to gain maximum independence and self-support. Cancer patients can receive registered nursing care, personal care assistance, physical therapy, medical supplies, and assistance with special needs, such as intravenous, entrostomal therapy. Call (319) 272-5050 to learn whether these services could augment your care.

For information about any services listed above, please talk with any of our friendly staff at Covenant Cancer Treatment Center.

If you have questions or would like more information about Covenant Cancer Treatment Center, please call: 319.272.2070 (Medical Oncology & Hematology) or 319.272.2800 (Radiation Oncology). We look forward to talking to you!