Patient Education

Improve your cardiovascular health by looking at your lifestyle, family history and general health. Make the adjustments needed to avoid problems later:

• Control your blood pressure
• Control your cholesterol level
• Maintain a healthy weight
• Exercise regularly
• Eat a low-fat diet
• Be aware of chest pain
• Do not smoke
• Take charge of diabetes

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Are You at Risk for Heart Attack?

If you were determined to be at high risk for a heart attack, or have any questions or concerns, after taking the risk assessment above, please contact Heather Loy, Cardiovascular Services Supervisor at or (319) 272-8252.

Early Heart Attack Care

Acute Coronary Syndrome

When to Call 9-1-1

When a Heart Attack or Acute Coronary Syndrome happens - it is an absolute medical emergency. If you are experiencing symptoms or have a concern that you may be experiencing a Heart Attack or ACS, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Early activation of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is vital to decreasing heart damage. EMS teams are able to provide important care before you arrive at the hospital, working to save your life.

Become a Patient

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