Breast Surgery

Breast cancer is serious, yet easier to detect if self breast exams and annual mammograms are faithfully undertaken. Encourage the women in your life – mother, daughter, sister and friend – to commit themselves to fighting breast cancer through early detection. Women with a family history of breast cancer or women 40+ are at risk and should take the steps necessary to prevent this disease from claiming another life.

The breast surgeons at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare are committed to saving your life by providing all the services you need. From digital mammograms to excisional breast biopsies, lumpectomy, mastectomy, sentinel node biopsies, FNA, cyst aspirations, stereotactic/ultrasound guided biopsies, and much more, our breast surgeons work closely with our medical and radiation oncologists to provide comprehensive breast care at every stage. In fact, our breast surgeons provide breast biopsy results in less than 24 hours for most patients. Our on-site surgeons, radiologists and their compassionate team feel you deserve to know the results of your test as soon as possible.

Exceptional breast care – whether for prevention or treatment – is close to home at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, providing the services you need from diagnosis to treatment of breast cancer. With such a collaborative effort, you can be assured the Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Surgical Team is ready for you. Another part of “What ‘Great’ is Made of.”

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