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Diabetes Education

The Diabetes Education Program at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare is recognized by the American Diabetes Association as a high quality diabetes program. Diabetes education classes are instructed by registered dietitians and registered nurses who have additional training in diabetes management and are certified diabetes educators.

Initial sessions are done individually so you can set goals one on one with a diabetes educator. Individual and group education sessions are available.
A referral from your physician is needed to start the program. Educators communicate with your doctor to obtain important background information about your diagnoses and medication. They help you set goals to stay healthy with diabetes and communicate your treatment goals to your primary doctor.
Our Programs Are:
•   Recognized by the American Diabetes Assocation
•   Certified by the State of Iowa
•   Staffed by Licensed Professionals with additional certifications in Diabetes Education
Nutrition and exercise changes implemented when a diagnoses of pre-diabetes is made may delay or prevent the progression to Type 2 Diabetes. Individual sessions can be arranged at any time with the Registered Dietitian to develop a personalized plan to lower risks. Group programs to obtain general information about preventing diabetes are available once a month.
Diabetes & Pregnancy
Women who are pregnant and develop gestational diabetes are scheduled for individual sessions with the nurse and dietitian to learn nutrition for pregnancy and diabetes management, understand the diabetes diagnoses, blood glucose monitoring and daily care to maintain health of both baby and mom.
Type 2 Diabetes
Individual sessions are scheduled with the dietitian and nurse educator to understand this diagnoses, diet, blood glucose monitoring and develop a personalized treatment plan. Follow-up sessions to learn more about coping, complications and daily self-care can be arranged individually or in a group format.
Type 1 Diabetes
Individualized sessions are scheduled with the dietitian and nurse educator to understand this diagnoses. Topics will include nutrition, carbohydrate counting, blood glucose monitoring, insulin therapies, blood glucose testing, and treating low blood glucose. Family members or roommates are encouraged to attend this session with the newly diagnosed patient. Individual follow-ups cover topics such as travel, coping and sick days.
72 Hour Glucose Study
This is a special test your physician can order for patients on insulin who are not meeting treatment goals. This test will monitor glucose 270 times per day with special equipment placed by the diabetes educator. The device is worn for 3 days and returned to the diabetes clinic for analysis. The data is sent to your primary physician for interpretation and adjustments of your treatment plan.
Injection Training
Learn about how your new injectable medication works and practice steps for injection therapy with a Registered Nurse. Topics include storage of medication, travel with medication, sites for injection, needle sizes and disposal, and side effects to watch for. Individual appointments with patient and significant others are scheduled to review medication ordered by your physician.
Medical Nutrition Therapy
Individualized nutrition recommendations are developed by a Registered Dietitian to select the best amounts and types of foods for your medical conditions. Meal planning guides and resources to guide you in making the food selections will be provided.
Nutrition therapy can treat or control conditions such as celiac disease, fructose intolerance, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome or pre-diabetes.
To learn more about scheduling options, services, locations, insurance coverage for diabetes self-management education or nutrition therapies, contact the Program Coordinator at 319.272.2265.
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Education Classes

2016 Diabetes Class Series
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Diabetes Education Centers

Covenant Clinic
516 S. Division Street
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
To schedule an appointment, please call:  319.272.7200
Covenant Kimball Ridge Center
2101 Kimball Avenue, First Floor
Waterloo, IA 50702
To schedule an appointment, please call:  319.272.7200
Mercy Hospital Oelwein
201 8th Avenue, S.E.
Oelwein, IA 50662
To schedule an appointment, please call:  319.283.6032