Spiritual Care Services

Spiritual Care: As Important to Healing as Physical Care

Spirituality is integral to wellness of body, mind and spirit. Spiritual Services within the Wheaton Franciscan System is committed to companioning and facilitating a person’s search for health and healing.

The chaplains within the Spiritual Services Departments across Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare reach out to patients, family, and staff in our health care institutions and long term care facilities.

Chaplains are trained to facilitate conversations that help individuals identify personal spiritual resources for healing and wellness. Chaplains represent diverse faith traditions and are educated to care for people of any faith or no faith. Chaplains also establish and maintain important relationships with the community clergy.

The Spiritual Services teams provide comprehensive programs and are sensitive to the diverse ways individuals and families seek to utilize spirituality and religious practice when faced with life transitions. Chaplains partner with the members of the interdisciplinary team so that institutions can effectively address the spiritual needs associated with acute/chronic illness and disability.

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare is committed to providing exceptional and compassionate health care services that promote the dignity and wellbeing of the people we serve. Chaplains are available to extend support for the journey toward healing and wellness.

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