Tobacco Cessation

According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), Black Hawk County’s adult smoking rate is higher than both the Iowa and national averages. Together, WFH-IA and Pathways Behavioral Services want to lower this statistic by educating people on the dangers tied to using tobacco products, and providing current tobacco users with the tools to quit.

WFH-IA and Pathways Behavioral Services work jointly on several initiatives:

• Provide educational materials and broad distribution of Quit Kits through Covenant Clinic locations throughout Black Hawk County and other local organizations to reach thousands of county residents seeking assistance to stop tobacco use.
• Support of a peer-to-peer training program for teens titled Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU). Covenant Medical Center will be the site of this one-day training opportunity for area teenagers who want to help discourage smoking among youth at schools and in their communities.
• Funding for educational materials to advance the Smoke-free Multi-Unit Housing program to educate landlords and residents throughout Black Hawk County on the benefits of smoke-free housing.
• Joint attendance at community health events focused on improving the health habits of adults, college students, teens and elementary students to help improve the health behaviors of residents in our communities.

To learn more about how you can quit using tobacco products, visit or for more information on programs listed as part of this partnership, call Jackie Preston at Pathways Behavioral Services at 319-235-6571.

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