Get Started

1. Contact Us

Call (319) 272-2380 to schedule an appointment to set up an account profile.

  • Our clinic uses Systoc, an electronic health record
  • Basic information needed to get started:
    • Contact names: for patient status reports and results
    • Type of drug testing and employment physicals, if required
    • Phone numbers/email address
    • Fax numbers
    • Billing information: includes address, contact person, phone/fax
    • Work comp insurance carrier, TPA, or self pay
    • Special requests

2. Services

  • Worker Injury Treatment
  • Employment Physicals and Audiograms
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Travel Medicine/Immunizations
  • Corporate Wellness/Disease Management

3. Communication

We believe it’s our responsibility to stay in communication with you.

  • Our clinic provides e-newsletters that help you stay informed with the latest up-to-date workplace health and safety information as well as our clinic programs and services
  • Regular site visits, phone calls and emails, at your request.
    • Regular site visits or phone call/email will be scheduled to discuss any concerns you have regarding your occupational medicine program as well as update your company on upcoming programs and services