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Map and Pre-Authorization Form
Prior to sending an employee to Occupational Medicine & Wellness, you may print the following Map and Authorization Form. This form is not required but can be beneficial to both our staff as well as your employees.

Educational Programs
Occupational Medicine and Wellness provides monthly breakfast meetings and lunch ‘n’ learns free of charge to area business leaders. It's an opportunity to learn from a variety of experts on topics related to occupational medicine and employee health.

Poster Order Form
Educating your employees on safety and health topics is important. Hanging posters in high traffic areas where employees meet such as break rooms/locker rooms or next to time clocks or water fountains can be just as beneficial as staff meetings or in-services.

Monthly Newsletter
Receive the Occupational & Wellness e-Newsletter as well as additional email correspondence such as upcoming programs and services.

Health and Safety Resources
Links to OSHA, Centers for Disease Control, Iowa DOT and many more.

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