"As many of these stories go, I’ve been mostly overweight my whole life. Before my wedding, I was at 405 pounds, 5’10. The week before my wedding is when this story truly starts.

I was having pretty severe flu-like symptoms, and for the most part, people were telling me how cute it was that I was having 'pre-wedding jitters.' I was unable to stand during the whole ceremony I was so sick. My wife also had a sinus infection, so you can guess that it was not the most romantic of wedding nights.

In the morning, I was slurring my words, not focusing, and I could barely bring any food from my hands to my lips. My wife of less than 24 hours told me she wanted to call an ambulance, and I told her that 'I was fine and didn’t need any help.'

When I woke back up, I was surrounded by medical professionals in the hospital. It turns out that I was a Type II Diabetic, with a HA1C of over 14, and it had been out of control for a number of years without me knowing…They also diagnosed me with sleep apnea, high cholesterol, DVT's, and a host of other issues. I was hospitalized for a week, and then almost immediately re-hospitalized for another week, and then spent a month and a half in a nursing home, pardon me, acute in-patient physical therapy, recuperating. As a reminder, this all occurred a day after I was married.

My HA1C eventually lowered, but even with medicine was never ‘under control.' I also struggled with my weight, failing constantly at a number of diets, fad and otherwise.

Eventually I started working with my primary care physician on getting help with weight loss, and she suggested going to one of Dr. Glasscock’s informational sessions. Kim, Mary, Zinka, and the others helped me cut through the red-tape of the insurance world like butter, and in a few months I was scheduled for a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. To be honest, I was more nervous about some of the pre-operation requirements (like the liquid diet) more so than the operation itself, but it was widely successful, and I am now off of any cholesterol and diabetes medication, I don’t use a CPAP machine any more, and I’ve lost six shirt sizes, and 24 inches around the waist.

I still have a long ways to go, but the tools I’ve been provided have made it possible."