"On April 11, 2013 my life changed! My journey really started about 2 years before, in 2011. I had gone to my family and expressed my thoughts about weight loss surgery. My husband had concerns but I had his support. However, my daughters were less than thrilled. They begged me to try it on my own one more time. So here I was trying 'one more time' so I could truly say I have exhausted all my efforts.  Even though I had struggled with my weight for 20 plus years at this time. During this time my mom was going through cancer treatments and it really helped me to stay active, and I did lose a few pounds, but still had at least 100 pounds to go. My mom lost her battle with cancer in October 2011. After her death I gained all of my weight back I had lost and then some. At that moment I decided life is too short and I’m not living it. I was tired of being tired! So I went back to my daughters, we talked, and they realized how important it was to me, and that’s when things changed. I had the full support of the people I loved the most. I was ready.
I can still remember getting that phone call from Dr. Glascock’s office saying, 'your insurance company has approved your surgery.' So many emotions rush over you. I was happy, scared and excited all in one! This is really happening! It went quick for me. They called me on May 29, 2013 to figure out my surgery date, I remember jumping on the earlier date without a second thought even though I would have to start my liquid diet in two days! My Gastric Sleeve surgery went great! Dr. Glascock had talked to me about taking the gallbladder out also if he felt it was necessary, rather than risk another surgery down the road. So I did have it removed at the same time. It wasn’t all easy but it wasn’t awful either.  It’s like any surgery, do what your doctor tells you to do and this will make for a better chance of a great recovery.
It is truly a personal decision; no one can make it for you. You should not take it lightly because it is life changing in more ways than just the weight loss. In my case it was one of the best things I have ever done! I’m a different person, I love life, I’m active, I can play with my grandkids and not feel exhausted. I went from being someone who didn’t want to do anything to someone who wants to try it all! 
I think back to the times I dreaded going shopping and to the day I broke down crying in the dressing room of a department store because I tried on a size 8 jeans and they fit. Every once in awhile I say to myself, 'I sure do wish my mom could have seen this,' then I think to myself, 'she can.'"