Provider Orientation Online

We are committed to living out the healing ministry of the Judeo-Christian tradition by providing exceptional and compassionate health care service that promotes the dignity and well being of the people we serve. We are pleased that you have requested to join us in this mission.

This site is intended to serve as a mandatory orientation for Physician and Allied Health Professional Providers who are actively in the process of applying for membership, clinical privileges, and/or nursing scope of practice at any of our hospitals and clinics. The online format was designed so applicants could complete the orientation at a convenient time. Completion of this online orientation does not imply that an applicant has been approved for membership, clinical privileges, and/or nursing scope of practice. Completion of the online orientation is one of the steps in the application process and is required to be completed prior to the applicant’s participation in the delivery of patient care within our facilities.

In addition to the online orientation, applicants (who have been granted membership, clinical privileges, and/or nursing scope of practice) are invited to receive an onsite orientation and tour. To schedule, please contact Dana Derflinger, Manager of Medical Affairs, at 319-272-7363.

Please open and read each of the documents below. When you have completed all of the documents click the agreement button and complete the attestation form.

Step 1 - Access and read about our commitment to excellence in the following documents. 
   The Physician's Role in Making Mission Matter
   Code of Conduct Waterloo Medical Center and Sartori Memorial Hospital
   Code of Conduct Oelwein Medical Center
   Religious & Ethical Directives
   Cultural Competence in Healthcare for Physicians
   EMTALA Education

Step 2 - Access and read about our commitment to safety for our patients, medical staff and associates. 
   Quality, Patient Safety and Compliance Education

   Error Prevention Behavior & Tools

Step 3 - Access and read about our commitment to privacy and accuracy.
   Introduction to HIPAA
   Health Information Management
   Unapproved Abbreviations
   Corporate Compliance Program
   Anti Harassment Policy
   Confidentiality Statement
   Safeguards for Protected Health Information Policy

Step 4 - Identification
For safety and security purposes you will be issued a MercyOne photo name badge to be worn while at our facilities. You can either schedule a time for a photo to be taken at Waterloo Medical Center or provide a photo in .jpg format via email. To make arrangements please contact or 319-272-7301.

Step 5 - Attestation
Upon completion of the steps above complete the form below to complete the orientation process. 
** Please note, completion of this step in the credentialing application process does not imply granting of privileges. You will receive written notice of priviliges upon completion of the entire process.

This form is for applicants to our Medical or Allied Health Professional Staff, or students enrolled in medical school,  nurse practitioner, physician assistant, social work or mental health counseling programs. Do not complete this if you are not in one of these categories.

Confirm that ALL Required Modules are Completed: