Covenant Breast Center & Covenant Cancer Treatment Center: Accredited Care to Navigate You to Better Health

posted 2/26/2018 by Adam Amdor in News

The Covenant Cancer Treatment Center and Covenant Comprehensive Breast Center provide patients in northeast Iowa accredited choices for cancer diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care. By earning accreditation, these programs give patients care and treatment on par with other accredited cancer treatment institutions throughout the United States.

"We are following the highest standards in the country," says Dr. Mohammed Masri, an oncologist and hematologist at Covenant Cancer Treatment Center. "When you are accredited you can assure patients you are following the highest standard of care and following the best options for treatment."

Radiation oncologist Dr. Cassandra Foens agrees, noting that an accreditation means patients do not have to go far to find the care they need. "I understand a patient's reaction to try and seek care at other well-known treatment facilities, but most of the time we can do anything the other facilities can do. I hate seeing patients driving 200 miles to get care they can receive right here. If we truly cannot do something here, we can get you to the right place."

Patients have seen these benefits first hand. Abbey Akin of Waterloo was just 34 when experts at the Covenant Comprehensive Breast Center diagnosed her with breast cancer. "Knowing that Covenant follows the same guidelines of places like the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center was a huge factor in my care," she says. "I wanted to live as normal of a life as possible, which meant continuing working, being with family, and being with friends. Being able to stay close to home was the reason I decided I wanted to stay with Covenant."

Kelly Flaucher is the mammography supervisor at the Comprehensive Breast Center, the only nationally-accredited breast program in the Cedar Valley. She has seen a number of patients begin their treatment journey after diagnosis. "The Covenant Comprehensive Breast Center offers the team approach that you don't always find everywhere else, because we work with the Covenant Cancer Treatment Center and we have this whole team of professionals that encompass every portion of the care an individual might need. Having that team approach is unique to this area."

A breast care navigator helps each patient through their treatment plan. The navigator is able to ask questions on behalf of the patient, and make sure each team member is communicating with one another. "She was great because I can work with her directly instead of having to work with all the different doctors," says Abbey. "She sets up all my appointments, she had all the information and booklets, and told me I could ask questions if I ever came across anything. She's just been amazing."