Covenant Foundation Receives $1 Million Donation From Cecilia M. Weepie Estate

posted 2/17/2017 by Adam Amdor in News

The Covenant Foundation, Inc. is honored and grateful to be the recipient of a more than one million dollar donation from the estate of Cecilia M. Weepie, one of the largest gifts bestowed to the Covenant Foundation.

Cecilia Weepie was a lifetime member of Immaculate Conception Church in Fairbank, where she also graduated high school. She lived most of her life with her brothers William and Paul on the family farm. “She was the middle child, but she took care of her brothers,” said Judy Neil, a longtime friend of the family. “She looked after them like she was their mother.”

When William and Paul began visiting Covenant Medical Center as patients, Cecilia donated regularly to the Covenant Foundation. She continued to give in their memory until she passed away on March 11, 2014 at the age of 102.

Through her donations and this generous gift from her estate, Weepie’s contributions to the Covenant Foundation total more than $1.2 million. “Cecilia’s gift is a true tribute to Covenant associates and the excellent health care they are committed to providing to all patients who enter our doors,” said Heather Bremer-Miller, Executive Director of the Covenant Foundation. “We will honor Cecilia’s memory by investing her gift in new technology and medical equipment that will serve our friends and neighbors for years to come.”

The Covenant Foundation exists to develop friends and resources for Covenant Medical Center. As the charitable fundraising arm of the hospital, the Covenant Foundation seeks to bring together the gifts and resources of the community to help meet the health care needs of those who are served in all areas of the facility.

Since its creation in 1988, the Covenant Foundation has donated more than $22 million back to Covenant Medical Center and Covenant Clinics, serving thousands of patients and families through the purchase of technical and specialized equipment, the construction and improvement of physical facilities, and community education programs that promote personal health.

Recent Foundation contributions have funded construction of a new Emergency Department, two new operating rooms for surgical services, and the renovation of Covenant Medical Center’s 5th floor to suit the Horizons Family Centered Recovery Program for those dealing with substance abuse and addictions. The Foundation is also assisting with mass remodeling at Covenant Cancer Treatment Center.