Covenant Medical Center Installs Siemens' Symbia Intevo

posted 3/14/2017 by in News

Covenant Medical Center can now offer advanced, noninvasive Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) combined with Computed Tomography (CT) imaging services with the new Symbia Intevo by Siemens. Its innovative hybrid technology is able to demonstrate how the body functions and then precisely pinpoint the location of any disease that is occurring. This is the next generation in providing advanced imaging capabilities. Covenant Medical Center is now virtually able to demonstrate form and function at the same time. 
“We are thrilled to bring the Symbia Intevo system to Covenant Medical Center to advance our SPECT/CT capabilities. Areas which will benefit most from this new technology are orthopedics, cardiac, gastrointestinal, as well as infection and tumor imaging,” said Michelle Wright, BS, CNMT, Nuclear Medicine Supervisor at Covenant Medical Center. “Not only will it improve our workflow, we anticipate that it will enable us to increase the number of patients who can take advantage of these valuable imaging services.”
Symbia Intevo’s advance fusion technology offers many benefits to physicians and their patients. Physicians can now see cancer lesions more precisely, which permits better staging and monitoring of the disease. This allows for a more accurate way to assess if the  treatment is working and helps physicians make the best decisions regarding patient care. We anticipate that this new technology will minimize the need for costly follow-up exams.
“Our new SPECT/CT allows us to localize metabolic abnormalities in anatomic space, improving accuracy and specificity while reducing the need for subsequent correlative imaging studies,” said Eric Jakubowski, MD, Section Chair of Nuclear Medicine, Milwaukee Radiologists, LTD. “We are excited to use this new technology in the personalized care of our patients.”
To address the needs of improving patient safety and increasing efficiency, Symbia Intevo allows for minimal radiation dose exposure while imaging patients faster than ever before. The system’s open design increases patient comfort and helps patients feel more comfortable.

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