Former Burn Patient named Rehabilitant of the Year

posted 11/3/2017 in News

Each year, the Covenant Medical Center Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Center honors a Rehabilitant of the Year. This is an individual who has succeeded from being a patient of the rehabilitation program and gone on to help others through a variety of different ways such as volunteering, community service, and providing peer support to current patients.

This year the Rehabilitant of the Year is Rick Sinnwell, a former fire chief who survived a chemical explosion nearly ten years ago. The explosion severely burned Rick on more than 80 percent of his body. Since leaving Covenant rehab, he continues to be a first responder and a member of the rescue squad in Chickasaw County. He attended a burn survivor support group event set up earlier this year in Waterloo, is a certified Phoenix SOAR® (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery) member, and has given support to several of Covenant's rehabilitation patients over the last few years. On top of all this, Rick still works in the farm fields harvesting corn and soybeans, which they just finished during the last week of October. Congratulations Rick, and thank you for all you do!

Covenant’s rehabilitation team also chooses an individual, business, or organization to receive a Community Achievement Award. This award is for someone who has gone the extra mile to help a patient return to work or school, or for a community agency that provides exceptional service to our patients and their families.

This year's Community Achievement Award goes to Josh Brubaker at Vision 4 Less, who was so accommodating for a patient who had broken his glasses and was in dire need of them. Josh came to the hospital to check his vision and fit him for glasses. He went back to Vision 4 Less, stayed late to get his glasses ready, and brought them back to our patient. It made a huge, positive difference.