Important Information Regarding Your Covenant Clinic/Wheaton MyChart Account

posted 9/6/2017 in News

To MyChart and MyCare Users -
On August 22, 2017 sent an email to let you know a message was sent to your MyChart account. That message in MyChart explained that on August 27, 2017, Covenant Clinic would be moving Wheaton MyChart to a new system called Wheaton Iowa MyCare. That has occurred and your information is safely transferring to the new system. However there were some glitches in the automated communication within these patient portals and messages were sent to you during the transition. We want to reassure you that your information is safe and secure!
Here is some additional information to help you understand the changes occurring, and to confirm our commitment to you, our valued patient!
  • As many of you know, Wheaton Iowa - including Covenant Medical Center, Sartori Memorial Hospital, Mercy Hospital and Covenant Clinic – is now part of Mercy Health Network. This includes affiliation with Trinity Health (including Trinity Health of New England and St. Francis) and Catholic Health Initiatives.  Although we are going through change, we remain committed to providing you exceptional health care in our community. 
  • One feature of MyChart (and now MyCare) is the ability for a user to receive automated messages to alert them if a message has been posted to their MyCare account. If you are signed up to receive automated messages, then you likely received an email that "new information is available on your Trinity Health of New England MyCare account." The message further encourages you to direct your Internet browser to Although the wrong information went out, please know that your information is safe and secure. 
  • As we continue to transition systems, automated emails may be sent to you at various times from St. Francis (for example: any past or recent test results, notifications, etc. as they move over to the new patient portal). You have likely received an email from St. Francis is simply where the email automation is set up. Again, your information is safely and securely transferring to the new system. 
Please know that any communication you receive from St. Francis, Trinity Health of New England, or Covenant Clinic/Wheaton Iowa is safe! Also, much of the information moving from your MyChart account to your MyCare account is past information.  If you are actively receiving care, having tests, etc. – that is also being posted. Once the patient portal transition is complete, any new messages should reflect new information, tests, etc.
We apologize for any confusion this has caused. Should you have any further concerns or questions during this transition, please call our Patient Engagement nurses (formerly Nurse on Call) at 319-272-2600 – they will be happy to answer your questions or find answers to your questions!
As a loyal Wheaton Iowa patient, we truly appreciate your patience as we continue to transition to Mercy Health Network. This transition includes all of our information services, upgrades to our electronic health records, and more – the end result will be enhanced systems for our health care providers and our patients!

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