Kaitlyn Pisney, RN, honored with The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses

posted 1/25/2019 in News

Nurses at Wheaton Iowa are now being honored with The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses!
The award is part of the DAISY Foundation's program to recognize the super-human efforts nurses perform every day. Kaitlyn Pisney, RN, was surprised with the award on January 23, 2019. Kaitlyn is a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit of Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo.

Kaitlyn's nomination reads: "On Wednesday, Nov 7th we had to call 911 because we could not get my dad out of bed. He was transported to Covenant Emergency and I drove my mother there. We were told he was in critical condition and once stabilized would be put in ICU. The previous Thursday he had quite the conversation with his doctor telling him he 'just wanted to die and had been praying for that.' We had brought along with us his Living Will and when we were asked many times to have procedures, tests and blood drawn we refused because that was what HE wanted. A couple hours later he was taken to ICU and put into the care of Kaitlyn P., the nurse assigned to him.

From the minute we arrived she treated us and dad with care, compassion and respect. What should have been the worst day of our lives was tough, but the care she gave dad AND us made all the difference in the world. The first time his heart stopped she was there along with several other nurses who all showed tremendous concern to us. Before I could even get the words out, she told us they could keep him comfortable and put in a request for morphine and shortly after that she gave him a shot. Just knowing he wasn't suffering helped. My dad did die that afternoon and it didn't take hours but my mom just couldn't watch. Kaitlyn encouraged me to take her home, promised she would not leave him and called shorty after we arrived home to tell us he had passed.

On the drive home we knew we had done what dad wanted. He did NOT want to spend two nights in ICU, he did not want to be moved to a nursing home, he had faith and just wanted to finally be free from pain and be with God. To not be judged based on his and our decisions really helped that day. We have a nurse in the family and have always understood the important of their job and that as least 90% of the hospital experience is your nurses. On that day when we needed care and compassion more than we needed knowledge and medical procedures we felt like we met an angel who helped my dad and us get exactly what he wanted."

ICU Manager Will Evans, Kaitlyn Pisney, and Chief Nursing Officer Kelly Richards

The not-for-profit DAISY Foundation is based in Glen Ellen, California, established by family members in memory of J. Patrick Barnes. Patrick died at the age of 33 in late 1999 from complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), a little known but not uncommon auto-immune disease. The care Patrick and his family received from nurses while he was ill inspired this unique means of thanking nurses for making a profound difference in the lives of their patients and patient families.

Bonnie Barnes, FAAN, President and Co-Founder of The DAISY Foundation, said, "When Patrick was critically ill, our family experienced first-hand the remarkable skill and care nurses provide patients every day and night. Yet these unsung heroes are seldom recognized for the super-human work they do.  The kind of work the nurses at Wheaton Iowa are called on to do every day epitomizes the purpose of The DAISY Award.”

Nurses may be nominated by patients, families, and colleagues, and are chosen by a committee of nurses at Wheaton Iowa to receive The DAISY Award. Awards are given throughout the year at presentations given in front of the nurse’s colleagues, physicians, patients, and visitors.

To nominate a nurse for The DAISY Award, an electronic form is available online at wheatoniowa.org/DAISY.