Memory of Former Cancer Patient Lives On Through Endowment

posted 6/6/2017 in News

Members of the community are now able to contribute to the Lori’s Dream Team Endowment, a fund dedicated to benefiting patients at Covenant Cancer Treatment Center in Waterloo.
Lori Clark passed away after a brave fight with cancer on February 12th, 2016 at the age of 54. During her battle, Lori was saddened to see some cancer patients did not have the same support system she was blessed to rely on. She also recognized the struggle these same patients had paying for life-saving medical treatments. 

Lori’s wish to help these people became a reality when her family and friends formed Lori’s Dream Team. This group’s vision has resulted in thousands of dollars being raised through events and contributions. These proceeds helped create the Lori’s Dream Team Endowment with the Covenant Foundation. The endowment will support programs that promote financial help, personal support, and hope to patients going through treatment at Covenant Cancer Treatment Center.
“Lori was my best friend in everything in life,” reflected her loving husband, Corey Clark. “She supported me, her family, and friends with every ounce of her energy and soul. She was a giver in life, not a taker. It is in Lori’s spirit of thinking of others, and in her faith in God, that this endowment was created. Knowing we’re doing good things by her example helps us move on as well.”

Clark believes it will keep Lori’s memory alive. “Establishing this endowment through the Covenant Foundation allows for cancer patients to receive a helping hand in their battle. Lori would be happy to see others being helped in their moment of need and knowing that this endowment will help others perpetually certainly meets the mission and purpose of Lori’s Dream Team. We know Lori would be proud of the effort of so many.”

You can help the Lori’s Dream Team Endowment by completing the form on this page. Mark your gift an “unrestricted contribution” and under Additional Information type “Lori’s Dream Team Endowment donation.”