MyChart and MyCare FAQ

posted 9/5/2017 in News

Who are Trinity Health of New England and St. Francis?
Covenant Medical Center, Sartori Memorial Hospital, Mercy Hospital (Oelwein) and Covenant Clinic are all part of Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare – Iowa. The Franciscan Sisters transferred these Iowa properties to Mercy Health Network (MHN), a company created to manage Iowa hospitals owned by Trinity Health or Catholic Health Initiatives. Several Mercy Medical Centers in the state are now part of MHN, so you’ll begin to see these hospitals working together! And because of the affiliation with Trinity Health, you may see other hospital names (such as St. Francis) referenced from time to time as our work overlaps.
Why is MyChart now known as MyCare?
MyChart is the patient portal offered through Epic, the company providing the electronic health record (EHR) for Covenant Clinic. As the clinic transitions to a new version of Epic, we are also transitioning to a new version of the patient portal (now called Wheaton Iowa MyCare). It should look and feel very similar, and for most users the username and password will remain the same. It has always been, and will remain, accessible through our current website:
Why did I get messages that referenced Trinity Health of New England and St. Francis?
Because Covenant Clinic is on the same system as St. Francis, a Trinity Health property, much of the program is administered from the same system. Covenant Clinic worked closely with colleagues from Epic and St. Francis to successfully transfer all the MyChart information into the new MyCare system. That transition is going very well, yet there have been a few things occur that we did not anticipate. Here are a few examples:
  • Tests and information from your MyChart record will transition to your new MyCare account over several weeks. If you are signed up for automated notifications, you may get a message each time information is moved over. If you haven’t had any recent visits or tests, those notifications are letting you know that the information is moving over into your new account, and you can disregard.
  • If you’ve had recent tests or visits after 8/27/17, any new information will automatically be uploaded to your new MyCare account. Again, if you’re signed up for automated notifications, you will receive an email.
  • Although a Covenant Clinic message was provided to send to Iowa patients, the automated system grabbed the standard St. Francis/Trinity Health of New England message and sent. We apologize for this glitch – we assure you that your health information is secure and that these entities are part of our new family. Again, the system picked up the wrong general message. 
Will I continue to get messages from St. Francis or Trinity Health of New England?
Automated notification messages may continue to be sent to you from

Where do I log in to my new MyCare account?
You can log in to MyCare by going to Once you are here, existing users will be re-directed to the login screen. If you are a new user, you can request an access code on this page. 

I am having problems logging into MyCare.  Who do I contact?
If you have already been a MyChart user, then your username and password should still be the same for MyCare. If you forgot your username and password, or have problems logging in, please contact support by emailing or by calling this toll free number: 833-886-2273.

See also: Important Information Regarding Your Covenant Clinic/Wheaton MyChart Account