Questions about the MyHospitalCare patient portal

posted 10/20/2017 in News

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - Iowa’s patient portal is an important way for hospital patients to access and understand their health information. The portal also makes it easier for hospital patients, their caregivers, family members and clinicians to collaborate on the patient’s hospital care.
What is the MyHospitalCare patient portal?
Similar to online banking or other websites people use every day to manage their lives, MyHospitalCare is an online tool that allows you to check your hospital test results, access key health information, and pay your bill 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are able to use MyHospitalCare if you've been a patient at Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo, Sartori Memorial Hospital in Cedar Falls, or Mercy Hospital in Oelwein.

How much does it cost?
MyHospitalCare is a free service.

Is my medical information safe?
MyHospitalCare uses the latest security measures to ensure details about your health remain between you, the hospital, and your care team.  

When I log-in, the sign-in screen says “Cerner Health.” What is Cerner Health?
Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare - Iowa has chosen Cerner to power MyHospitalCare. Cerner is our Electronic Health Record vendor. By using Cerner to power the patient portal you can be assured that your health information is never leaving the secure Cerner system.  

I already signed up for a patient portal after my last hospital stay.  Do I need to do it again?
If you were hospitalized prior to October 27, 2017 your health information is still available through another portal called My Hospital Record. You will use your current username and password to access this information. Moving forward, should you be hospitalized after October 27, 2017 you will need to sign up for MyHospitalCare, powered by Cerner. You will have to establish a new user name and password.

Can I still access My Hospital Record?
Patients can still access their My Hospital Record Relay Health portal as long as they keep it active. Relay Health will continue to help with issues (such as forgotten passwords, etc.) as long as an account is active.

Can I transfer my health information from My Hospital Record to MyHospitalCare?
Cerner will not accept an information upload from an external source, so users are not able to transfer information into their new MyHospitalCare account. However, the My Hospital Record will still be active for you to view at any time.

My doctor's office uses a similar portal. Do I have to sign up for MyHospitalCare if I am already using theirs?
The patient portals used by other health care providers are separate systems. These other portals do not "talk"to one another. If you are a patient within the Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare-Iowa system, you probably have MyCare – this provides health information from your providers. You only need MyHospitalCare if you are hospitalized and want to review health information from your hospital stay!

What if I have questions about the portal or my health information?
If you have questions about your MyHospitalCare account, Cerner offers technical support 24/7 by calling 1.800.324.8163. If you have any questions about your medical information or test results, contact your health care team.