Teresa Culpepper, MSN, RN one of Iowa's 100 Great Nurses

posted 4/30/2018 in News

Teresa Culpepper, MSN, RN will be honored at the annual 100 Great Iowa Nurses Celebration this weekend in Des Moines. Teresa is a registered nurse at Covenant Medical Center on the Cardiac and Renal Med-Surg floor. She is also a full-time nursing faculty member at Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo.

Teresa writes: "I love being a nurse! My initialinspiration to become a nurse was my late aunt, Darlene Culpepper, LPN. She was never off-duty and she enjoyed what she called 'God's work.' As a woman of faith, I too have been drawn to this profession and healing ministry. I am inspired by not only health care providers, but also other employees who participate in the holistic process of caring. I believe everybody has a story and everyone has things that they can teach and that they can learn. I am inspired by our patients. I have sang and danced with patients. I have laughed and cried with patients and their families. People are people, no matter what the disease. I am inspired watching nursing students demonstrate skills and achieve the goals that they set. Inspiration comes from seeing the look on the face of a new nurse who is being mentored when he/she gets their first IV catheter in.
I am inspired by the leadership at Covenant Medical Center. My work environment is one in which there is no competition. Participating with colleagues in discussions about the best treatment for the best possible outcome makes me believe in the place that I work. I am inspired by our nursing staff and nursing support staff. Everyone wants to do their best and support each other in this mission of caring. I know that I have been called to a profession that will positively impact the present and future lives of members in my community."