Road Construction at Covenant Medical Center and Sartori Memorial Hospital

posted 5/4/2017 in News

Covenant Medical Center

Road construction on West 9th Street is currently underway. Effective Monday, July 24, West 9th Street will be closed in the red area above. Click on the image for larger detail. Traffic on West 9th from the north will be directed to St. Francis Drive. Due to this increased traffic, there will be no parking on St. Francis Drive during this phase of construction. The Dialysis entrance on West 9th Street will be inaccessible for the duration of this construction phase. Parking spaces will re-open in the chapel lot and the west side of the Rehab/Dialysis lot. 

The city of Waterloo is currently rebuilding West 9th Street between the San Marnan Frontage Road and St. Francis Drive. Work will be done in eleven stages to maintain access to Covenant Medical Center, however hospital visitors and Wheaton Iowa associates may need to adjust travel routes as different sections of West 9th Street close in both directions. These road closures may impact how to get to the hospital. 

Temporary signage will be in place to help guide navigation. Please be alert for increased traffic on St. Francis Drive and through hospital parking lots. Wheaton Iowa associates are reminded to respect designated employee parking areas. 

Check back for additional progress updates.

Sartori Memorial Hospital

Road construction on West 4th Street is currently underway.
West 4th Street is currently closed in the red area above. Click on the image for larger detail.
Return to this page for future project updates - the next phase is planned to begin in August.

The city of Cedar Falls is currently rebuilding 4th Street near Sartori Memorial Hospital. The first phase of construction is currently underway, causing a full road closure from Division Street to Catherine Street. This phase of construction is currently estimated to be underway until the beginning of August.

Check back for additional progress updates.