Road Construction 2018

posted 4/25/2018 in News

Covenant Medical Center

The City of Waterloo is continuing work on the San Marnan Access Road and West 9th Street near Covenant Medical Center.  The next phases of closures are effective this week and are shown in red below.
  • There is no through traffic on the San Marnan Access Road for the remainder of the road construction season.
  • Access to Covenant Home Medical and Covenant Midwives will be only from the east using St Francis Drive or Hammond Avenue, or by using Covenant Medical Center access roads to get to King Drive.
  • The King Drive intersection with San Marnan Acess Road, as well as emergency vehicle access from E. San Marnan Drive at Hawkeye Road (IA 21), will be completely open for use.  

To access Covenant Home Medical and Covenant Midwives & Women's Health clinic:
  • From the west:  Drivers using the San Marnan Access Drive will not be able to get through from the west during the rest of the 2018 construction season.  Instead use Kimball Avenue to Park Lane, to Covenant Medical Center. Visitors to Covenant Midwives & Women's Health and Covenant Home Medical can use the hospital access roads to King Drive.
  • From the east:  Access using the San Marnan Access Drive from the east will not be interrupted.
  • From the north: Access to Covenant Medical Center from the north using West 9th Street will not be interrupted.  For Covenant Midwives and Covenant Home Medical: From West 9th Street, turn left on St. Francis Drive. Turn right on King Drive.
  • From the south: From Hawkeye Road/Hwy 21, turn right on San Marnan Drive, turn left on Hammond Avenue, and turn left on San Marnan Access Drive.
  Additional information from the City of Waterloo is available here.