Who We Are

Sartori’s Health Care Foundation exists to help bridge the gap between what advances in medical technology currently offer and what the realities of the Hospital’s budget will allow.

Since 1984, the Sartori Foundation has been a leader in building bridges of support between the local community and their community hospital. Because of the support of friends and associates, Sartori Memorial Hospital has continued to grow and to provide cutting edge medical care to everyone in the Cedar Valley and the surrounding communities.

Sartori Health Care Foundation Board of Trustees


Chair Vice Chair Past Chair & Treasurer 
Sandy Benak Deb Giarusso Gary Chambers


Maureen Beckman                   Jack Dusenbery                      Tom Nagle
Brad Best                                  Anne Hennessey, DDS           Brian Power
Brad Braley                               Kay Leeper                             Rich Schoof
Brad Brooks, DC                       Carol Lilly                               Tom Strub
Larry Burken                             Ann Lyons                               Dan Tindall 
Kelly Christensen                      Scott Martinson                              
Dave Deaver                             Mark Miller 

Emeritus Status:

Myra Boots
Paul Creeden, OD
Russ Curtis
Joan Duea
Sid Morris

Beth Penrose, MD
Ed Stachovic 

Ex-officio Members:

Heather Bremer-Miller, Director Sartori Health Care Foundation

Mary Jo Kavalier, Vice President / Sartori Memorial Hospital Site Administrator

Our Staff:

Heather Bremer-Miller

Heather Bremer-Miller

Executive Director

Heather joined Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare as Executive Director of the Covenant Foundation and Sartori Health Care Foundation in June, 2006. Prior to joining Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, Heather served as the Director of Development in the Colleges of Natural Sciences and Social and Behavioral Sciences at UNI, as Foundation Officer for Hawkeye Community College and as Development Director for the American Cancer Society.

You may contact Heather directly by phone or e-mail at (319) 272-7678 and Heather.BremerMiller@mercyhealth.com.

Joe Surma

Coordinator Annual and Planned Giving

Joe joined Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare in 2004. He has worked in the Foundation, Public Relations/Marketing and Covenant Clinic and now takes on the role as the Coordinator of Annual and Planned Gifts for the Covenant Foundation and Sartori Health Care Foundation. Prior to joining Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, Joe served as the Director of Public Relations at the American Red Cross Hawkeye Chapter as well as a KWWL-TV Anchor/Reporter.

You may contact Joe directly by phone or e-mail at (319) 272-7677 and Joe.Surma@mercyhealth.com.

Christy Stolz

Christy Stolz

Coordinator of Special Events Fundraising

Christy joined the Sartori Health Care Foundation as the Coordinator of Special Events Fundraising.  Christy came to Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare as the Administrative Assistant of the Covenant Foundation in July, 2006.

You may contact Christy directly by phone or e-mail at (319) 268-3161and Christy.Stolz@mercyhealth.com.

Sheila Kaplan

Administrative Assistant

Sheila joined Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare as Administrative Assistant of the Covenant Foundation in February 2010. Prior to joining Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, Sheila served as a Branch Manager for Iowa Community Credit Union.

You may contact Sheila directly by phone or e-mail (319) 272-7676 and Sheila.Kaplan@mercyhealth.com.

Darci Ritter

Darci Ritter

Grant Proposal Specialist

Darci joined Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare as Grant Proposal Specialist of the Covenant & Sartori Health Care Foundations in August 2011.

You may contact Darci directly by calling (319) 272-7675 or e-mail to Darci.Ritter@mercyhealth.com.