Managing your health information just became easier! For all admissions AFTER October 27, 2017, MercyOne is providing secure online health information from your recent hospital stay with a patient portal called MyHospitalCare. With MyHospitalCare, you can have direct access to your:

• Lab, pathology, and radiology results
• Medications
• Discharge instructions for what you need to do after your hospital stay
• Key health information
• Bills and payment options

Make sure you give your e-mail address at Check-In or to a member of your care team. You will
receive an e-mail from Cerner Health after your hospital stay, so please watch for that e-mail.
Click here to log in to MyHospitalCare! (Only for admissions after October 27, 2017)

If you have questions about your MyHospitalCare account, Cerner offers technical support 24/7 by calling 1.800.324.8163. If you have any questions about your medical information or test results, contact your health care team.

If you were hospitalized PRIOR TO October 27, 2017, then you are able to use a different online patient portal called My Hospital Record, which is powered by Relay Health. This account will not go away, but after October 27 there will be no new information added to this account, and you must sign up for MyHospitalCare. If you have any questions, you can call RelayHealth Customer Support, technology partner to MercyOne, at 1-866-735-2963, or e-mail

Click here to log into My Hospital Record (Only for admissions prior to October 27, 2017)

Please note that if you are a patient of a MercyOne clinic, you may also have a separate MercyOne MyCare account for your health information from your physician office. MyHospitalCare and My Hospital Record gives you information from your hospital stay only.

Frequently Asked Questions
Click here to learn more about MyHospitalCare.
If you were hospitalized prior to October 27, 2017
then you are able to use a different online patient portal called My Hospital Record. Click here.
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