Community Benefit Report

Click here to access the 2017 Community Benefit Report.

In this 2017 Community Benefit Report, you will read great stories featuring the hard work of our associates, health care providers, volunteers and friends who are advancing our Mission. As we close our first full year with Mercy Health Network, the commitment to the communities we serve remains constant.

Health care across the state and country continues to experience vast changes. The insurance landscape, technological advances, nursing and provider shortages, and clinical service needs impact the strategic direction of each health care system. While we are committed to expertise in these areas, we are also intensely focused on providing exceptional health care services in the communities we serve. This is the core of our existence, and this report outlines our dedication to implementing important programs and services that reduce health disparities, improve health, and expand our ability to serve a growing and changing demographic.

We remain committed to advancing services for those who turn to us for care. As you read the stories in this report, you will see the dedication of those who serve in our Ministry.
With the Mercy Health Network vision to advance health care across Iowa, we continue to strive to provide safe, highly-reliable care to our patients.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this report.