MyHospitalCare is a patient portal – a lot like websites you use on a daily basis to bank, invest, or check school records. For all admissions after October 27, 2017, you can sign up if you want to see your health information from your hospital stay. In the past, you had to call to get health or test information. Now you can view results and information as soon as they are final. Your information is strictly between you and your hospital care team.

• Lab, pathology and radiology results
• Key health information
• Bills and payment options
• Discharge information and instructions

How to Register:

  • During the registration period of your next visit, you will be asked to sign up for the portal. If you agree, an email invitation will be sent to you.  (Note: invitations expire after 90 days.)
  • Open the email and click the link to the portal. If you enroll yourself, click "Yes, I am (your name). If you wish to enroll someone else, select, "No, but I manage (patient name)'s health.
  • Verify your date of birth (or that of the person you are managing) and the last four digits of the medical record number (MRN) provided upon admission and listed on the hospital wristband or on discharge instructions.   
  • Accept the privacy terms, set a username and password, and create an account.

Click here to login to MyHospitalCare.

If you were hospitalized prior to October 27, 2017, then you are able to use the online patient portal called My Hospital Record, which is powered by Relay Health. This account will not go away, but after October 27 there will be no new information added to this account. If you have any questions about My Hospital Record, you can call RelayHealth Customer Support at 1-866-735-2963, or e-mail CLICK HERE TO LOGIN TO MY HOSPITAL RECORD

Please note that if you are a patient of Covenant Clinic, you may also have a separate Wheaton Iowa MyCare account for your health information from your physician office. MyHospitalCare gives you information from your hospital stay only.

Frequently Asked Questions
Click here to learn more about the transition to MyHospitalCare.
If you were hospitalized prior to October 27, 2017
then you are able to use a different online patient portal called My Hospital Record. Click here.
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