Podiatry Residency Program

The Covenant Medical Center Podiatry Residency is a three-year, post-graduate program. Founded in 1983, the program has evolved to a multi-disciplinary training with strengths in podiatric surgery, wound healing, orthopedics and office rotations. Hands on training with various specialties has provided invaluable experience for our residents.

The strengths of the program are the faculty. The physicians that participate in the program are committed to educating future physicians and advancing their own knowledge. Education is the focus of the program. Weekly journal club, book club and various conferences are available to the residents. Active participation by not only the residents, but the faculty as well, makes our meetings extremely rewarding. Residents have the opportunity to attend various educational courses including an external fixation course and operative arthroscopy course. Reimbursement for the programs, as well as continuing education funding, is provided to each resident.

Office rotations for pre-operative and post-operative patients are encouraged by the faculty. A flexible schedule allows the residents to follow patients through the entire course of care. Although the program is educationally intense, social outings and family relationships are supported and encouraged by all faculty members. There are numerous social activities throughout the year.

Podiatry Residency Overview

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