Visiting Hours

Family members and friends are encouraged to visit. It is recommended that visits are between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. in order to allow all patients the quiet rest necessary for a speedy recovery.

Visits may be limited due to the patient’s condition and doctor’s recommendations. Should special circumstances arise, feel free to ask your nurse or caregiver if alternate visiting hours may be arranged. To provide exceptional and compassionate health care to our patients, visitation will be restricted if visitors have an obvious illness or communicable disease. Visitors should always respect the patient’s wishes while maintaining confidentiality, privacy, and security to others. Patients may decide who can and cannot visit. Please discuss any concerns with the patient’s caregiver.

Visitation to the Family Birth Center at Covenant Medical Center is based on the patient’s wishes. Immediate family, grandparents, and children are welcome unless the condition of the mother or newborn requires limitation.

The Intensive Care Unit at Covenant Medical Center has no limit to the visiting hours. However, friends and family may be asked to step out when nursing care or testing needs to be performed.

Children are permitted to visit a friend or loved one. It is the responsibility of the family member to supervise their children at all times. Any child with a communicable disease or obvious illness will be restricted from patient contact and waiting areas.