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Our caring staff of professionals ensure our patients receive the highest level of care.
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    Our caring staff of professionals ensure our patients receive the highest level of care

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It could be an ailment as common as lower back pain or a life-threatening brain tumor. The fact is, any condition involving the spine or brain is always cause for concern and must not be ignored. When seeking treatment, great relief can come just from knowing the best is close to home, at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare’s Iowa Spine and Brain Institute™.

We are the region’s most comprehensive center for the diagnosis and treatment of spine and brain conditions. These include lower back pain, chronic back pain, scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, spinal cord injuries, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, failed back syndrome and brain tumors. Our team of specialists will evaluate your situation and help you make an informed decision by clearly explaining the findings and recommending the most effective course of action. This could range from conservative approaches such as physical therapy and minimally-invasive pain therapy, to surgical intervention.

If surgery is necessary, take heart: You will be in exceptional hands with the Institute’s neurosurgeons, Dr. Marietta Walsh. Dr. Walsh has a depth of experience and compassion that instills tremendous confidence and comfort in everyone who seeks care. The standards set couldn’t be higher, and the passion they have for restoring your good health couldn’t be stronger. We would welcome a consultation with you to ensure quality care close to home!

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