Frequently Asked Questions

Do my employees need appointments?
Appointments can be scheduled, but are not required. Our clinic staff will assist you and your employees with scheduling appointments and making sure your employees are in and out of the clinic within a timely manner.

How do I start using Occupational Medicine and Wellness?
That’s easy. Call 319.272.2380 to discuss your company’s needs with our representative. Our staff will explain our services, clinic and fees. Once you have an account set up, you can begin using our services.

Can I send employees to your clinic prior to setting up an account?
You many access our services prior to speaking to a representative or filling out the profile form if needed. You will be contacted after the employee visit to set up an account.

I want to start drug testing at my company, can I just send employees in for this service?
It’s important to set up a drug testing policy at your company and inform your employees of the policy change. Our Drug and Alcohol Testing Coordinator can assist you in writing your company’s drug and alcohol testing policy and help you determine what drug tests will benefit your company.

My company has three shifts and works weekends, if an employee gets injured when Occ Med is closed, where can I send my injured employees?
Occupational Medicine & Wellness offer extended and weekend hours, Monday-Friday, 7:00am – 8:00pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am – 6:00pm. After regular clinic hours, employees are treated at the Covenant Medical Center or Sartori Memorial Hospital Emergency Departments or Mercy Hospital in Oelwein Emergency Departments. Occupational Medicine receives the work-related ER reports and will contact your company with any reports/results.
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