Rehabilitation Unit

If after 3-7 days on the acute floor, your surgeon feels you could benefit from additional rehabilitation, and you qualify for additional rehab assistance, your physician may transfer you to Covenant Medical Center's Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit.

Once transferred to the Rehab Unit, you will no longer be under the direct care of your orthopedic surgeon. Your daily medical care and treatment plan will be overseen by one of two physicians who are specially trained in rehabilitation medicine. They are called “Physiatrists.” These physiatrists will continually update and communicate with your surgeon to coordinate your treatment plan.

An important objective of Covenant Medical Center's Inpatient Rehab Unit is to enable you to become as independent as possible, so that you can make a smooth transition back home. The Inpatient Rehab Unit will encourage you to be up and dressed as you would be at home, so you will need several changes of clothing. You will need to make arrangements for your personal laundry to be done outside the hospital.

You will eat all three of your meals with the rest of the patients in the dining room, and will undergo an average of about three hours of rehabilitation a day.

Using innovative medical rehabilitation techniques and state of the art equipment and facilities, the team of skilled professionals will work hand-in-hand to help you achieve your highest level of independence.