Therapy Services

The Rehabilitation Department at Covenant Medical Center and Sartori Memorial Hospital consists of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and recreational therapists.

A physical therapist will evaluate you on post-op day #1. They will assist you with getting out of bed for the first time and moving safely in accordance with the recommendations of your surgeon. The physical therapist’s goal is to get you up and moving as independently as possible. You may require an assistive device to walk safely such as a cane, walker, or crutches. Your therapist can make this decision based on your strength, coordination, balance, and ability to follow instructions. Upon discharge, you and your caregiver will be educated on the device to ensure confidence and understanding of your home program.

An occupational therapist will also see you on post-op day #1. An occupational therapist will focus on helping you become more independent, safe, and confident while completing your daily living tasks. Everyday routines of getting dressed and bathing may be a challenge due to pain, restrictions of movement, or weakness. Your occupational therapist will assist you with these tasks, train you in the use of adaptive equipment if needed, and discuss modifications that may be made to your home to improve safety. Education may be provided to help you conserve energy, protect your joints, and be aware of posture and positioning for a variety of activities such as light homemaking or sitting at a computer workstation. Training may also include relaxation techniques utilizing a specialized biofeedback computer. If return to driving is a concern, your occupational therapist may complete a screening of pre-driving skills such as reaction time. Often, a home program of stretches and exercises is established to contribute to your successful rehabilitation.