Team Approach

Coordinated Rehabilitation Services

The rehabilitation team, comprised of the patient, his or her family, and various medical professionals and support staff, meet weekly to discuss the progress of each individual undergoing medical rehabilitation. Patient and family are involved in decisions about treatment goals, projected length of treatment, special equipment needs or other services needed to live more independently.

The team members provide the following services:

Rehabilitation Medicine

Physicians who are specially trained in rehabilitation medicine (physiatrists), treat and oversee the medical care and treatment plan of all rehabilitation patients.

Rehabilitation Nursing

Specially trained nurses assist physicians in monitoring the patient’s medical status. They also provide education for medical conditions associated with each person’s disability. In addition, rehabilitation nurses provide a supportive atmosphere where patients can ask questions, practice daily living activities and use adaptive equipment as outlined in their treatment plan.

Physical Therapy

Therapy provided to help persons with physical disabilities become more independent. Each individual’s plan is based on his/her need to improve strength, endurance, mobility, balance, coordination, and overall fitness.

Occupational Therapy

An individualized treatment program to help refine the independent living skills needed for returning to home, work, or school. Exercises may be prescribed to improve activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and feeding. Skills such as memory, problem solving and safety awareness may be addressed as well as education for families.

Speech - Language Pathology

Extensive diagnostic and therapeutic services to help people with communication, reasoning, memory, swallowing, voice, and hearing difficulties improve their level of function.

Therapeutic Recreation

Leisure and recreational treatment sessions, such as community outings, water-related activities, one-on-one sessions and group activities, are designed to allow opportunities for gradual readjustments to family and community life.

Rehab Family Services

Medical social workers and rehabilitation counselors serve to link together the patient, family members and other rehabilitation team members. They also provide assistance with living arrangements, financial difficulties, educational needs, overall emotional support, and assist patients in accessing resources within their community.

Nutritional Counseling

Registered dieticians are available to educate individuals about the role nutrition plays in preventing and treating disease. Nutritional counseling helps patients learn more about specific diets prescribed by their physician and assists them in meeting nutritional needs to promote healing.


Neuropsychologists specialize in the study of brain behavior relationships and can help address emotional, cognitive and behavioral difficulties associated with an individual’s illness or injury. On staff are one neuropsychologist and one clinical psychologist.

Early Developmental Intervention (EDI) Program

Specialized pediatric programming available for children with developmental problems associated with speech, language, motor skills, daily living abilities, and other skills related to disabling conditions.

Learn more about EDI here or read a brochure on the Early Developmental Intervention Program here.

Providers who specialize in this area:

Covenant Medical Center
3421 West 9th Street
Waterloo, IA 50702
319.272.7469 (Primary)

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