General Information

General information regarding the Covenant Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology.


The mission of the Covenant Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology is to provide students with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to give their patients the highest quality patient care. This mission, in conjunction with Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare’s commitment to provide exceptional and compassionate health care services that promote the dignity and wellbeing of the people we serve, will be achieved through the following goals.


The program is designed to maximize a student’s initiative and support his/her intellectual and emotional development toward the ultimate goal of becoming a competent entry-level radiographer. Therefore, upon completion of the program, the graduate will:

1.      Be clinically competent

  • Students will provide patient care
  • Students will select appropriate exposure factors
  • Students will practice Radiation Protection

2.      Develop critical thinking skills

  • Students will adapt exposure factors for various patients conditions
  • Students will recognize emergency patient conditions and initiate treatment

3.      Communicate effectively

  • Students will orally communicate
  • Students will obtain pertinent patient history
  • Students will educate patients about the radiographic procedure

4.     Model professionalism

  • Students will behave professionally
  • Students will participate in professional organizations

The successful mastery of these goals is measured through grades, interviews, evaluations and surveys completed by the faculty, staff, students, graduates and graduate’s employers.

Educational Objectives

Covenant Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology is committed to an educational program that will provide its students with the knowledge, performance skills, and professional behaviors enabling them to perform competently in any health care setting.

Financial Aid

Covenant Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology does not participate in any Federal Student Financial Aid programs. However, several local scholarships are available each year for students enrolled in the radiography program. Information is available upon request.

Fees and Expenses

Tuition and fees are outlined in a separate section of this web page. All tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Refund Policy

If a student officially withdraws or is dismissed from the school, he/she is entitled to a refund as follows:

              Withdrawal Date                                                Refund

                Prior to the first day of class                        100% of tuition

                Within the first 2 weeks of start date             75% of tuition

                Within the first 4 weeks of start date             50% of tuition

                Within the first 6 weeks of start date             25% of tuition

Textbook and Activity fees are non-refundable

Vacation and Sick Leave

In order to provide some latitude in the use of their personal time away from school; each year students are given 45 hours of personal time to be used for Vacation and sick time.

Pregnancy Policy

If a student becomes pregnant during the 24-month program, she, in consultation with her personal physician and the School's Medical Director, will have the option of either continuing with the program or taking a leave of absence.

If a student remains in the program, all efforts will be made to insure that radiation safety measures are followed and maternal and fetal dose are kept below recommended limits.

If the student takes a leave of absence, every effort will be made to reinstate the student the following year at a point closest to where she left the program. Any missed time must be made-up.

A student declaring a pregnancy is asked to sign a form stating she voluntarily chooses her course of action related to her student status.


Students are required to wear uniforms. Costs vary and are the responsibility of the student. The student policy manual contains the student dress code.

Student Housing

Dormitory facilities are not available. Apartments are located within walking distance of the hospital.

Counseling Services

Counseling services are available to the student upon request, without charge. These services are provided by Covenant's Pastoral Care Department, or the Employee Assistance Program representative.

Health Service

Upon acceptance into the program, students are required to have a physical examination by their physician. These results, along with their childhood immunization dates, must be submitted to the school prior to the start of classes.

Hepatitis B immunizations and TB testing will be provided free of charge to the students and will be performed by Employee Health Services at the beginning of the program. Healthcare coverage is not provided by the school or hospital. It is highly recommended that students carry their own health insurance.

Program Structure

The program consists of approximately 3000 clock hours. The curriculum is divided into six semesters. Satisfactory academic progress is maintained by obtaining a minimum "C" grade in all didactic and clinical courses. Academic performance is monitored at the end of each semester, at which time progress notes and grades are reviewed individually with each student.