Fitness Classes

Below are the fitness classes offered at the Covenant Wellness Center. Please call for additional details and to register for the class you would like to join. For more information about Covenant Wellness Services or to sign up for any of the classes below please call 272-2313.

Schedule: January 14 - March 10

All About the Ball
A Pilates-based workout involving the large exercise ball to target core, back, and balance.

Barre is tough on muscles but kind on the joints. The small super-controlled movements that take place in barre classes reduce the pressure on your joints, tendons, ligaments, and spine. Doing these classes regularly, you will notice a remarkable improvement on your core strength and posture. No experience required to take this amazing class!

Body bar and Band and Ball Blast
This class is all about intervals using body bars, exercise bands, and balls. Every day something different will happen in this class! You will gain strength, tone and tighten the abs, and increase your balance. 
Body Well
This program is for adults of any age, fitness level, or physical ability. Exercises are designed to help participants become and stay independent by improving strength, flexibility, muscle tone, and increased range of motion.
Boot Camp
Looking for variety in your routine? Challenge yourself with this athletic-based cardio/strength training class that will give you a full body workout. This class will keep you coming back for more.

Core De Force
This is more than your average cardio class. It's an empowering core-focused workout, inspired by mixed martial arts. This workout combines boxing, kickboxing, explosive power moves and interval training that all engage your core.

Want to learn how to work out in the gym??? This is the class for you! You will learn how to use the machines, equipment, and your body to get a workout that improves strength and cardiovascular function.

Core & Cardio
Get your heart rate up and work your core muscles. This one is all about you and your body, with minimal equipment used.

Double Trouble
Two important things are covered in this class… low impact aerobics and strength training. Keep your heart rate up and your muscles conditioned during this 45 minute class.
Hatha Yoga
Ancient teaching and practices for healing the whole self: body, mind, and soul. 

High Intensity Interval Training. This class is all about intervals of cardio, strength, and body weight moves. Everyone can do this class because you control the intensity... but the harder you push yourself, the greater the calorie burn in the hours following the workout!
Lite Aerobics
This class offers low impact aerobics for seniors or beginners. This is the class that will get you motivated to strengthen your upper and lower body.

Low Impact Boot Camp
This interval-based class combines full-body strength training with low impact cardio bursts designed to tone your body and improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Modifications for all fitness levels are provided.
An ancient Chinese practice of breathing and exercise to benefit both physical and mental health.

A low impact form of exercise that is done on the mat. The focus is on the abs, back, glutes and inner thigh muscles (powerhouse) and it addresses the body as a whole. The results will transform your body. It develops the body uniformly, corrects posture, restores vitality, invigorates mind, and elevates spirits.

Unleash your power with Pilates & Yoga & nonstop movement. You’ll sweat, stretch, and strengthen all in one workout. Define exactly how you want to look and feel. No weights. No bulk, just hardcore results.

Strength, Cardio, & Core
This class is for everyone! It is an easy-to-follow class that will get your heart rate up and your muscles pumping. A full hour of exercise, starting with strength and ending with cardio and core. Whether you are a new participant or a seasoned veteran this one is for you!

Strictly Strength
Just as it says, this class is all about lifting. Using free weights and your own bodyweight,
this class builds lean muscle tissue from head to toe.
Stretch and Strengthen
A fitness program for individuals with Arthritis, Osteoporosis, or Fibromyalgia. Using a variety of
strengthening and stretching techniques, this program provides people of all ages improved range
of motion, reduced bone loss, and more!

Tai Chi
Tai chi is a Chinese exercise that uses slow, smooth body movements to achieve a state of relaxation of both body and mind. A series of physical exercise used to improve and maintain health, tai chi can be helpful in achieving a state of physical and mental relaxation while also strengthening the cardiovascular and immune systems.
Tae Kwon Do
Take advantage of first-rate martial art instruction by Master Moore. Improve your physical fitness, concentration, and poise using your entire body. Explore with your hands, feet, fists,
elbows and knees, to learn proper techniques for blocking, striking, thrusting, and kicking.

Total Toning
This class works all of the muscles in your abs, glutes, and legs using the Bosu ball, light weights and the body bar. This no-impact class will work your muscles to the core for better strength and balance.
Combine the best of both practices using movement that stretches and strengthens all the major groups at the same time. Build strength and endurance in the body’s core postural muscles, which enhances spinal and pelvic awareness to promote good posture and balance. Yogalates is excellent for developing general tone and fitness in the body, while creating a sense of inner calm, relaxation and overall well-being.

A Latin inspired, easy to follow, calorie burning, dance fitness party. Come and join the fun!

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