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Congratulations! By visiting our ‘Take Action’ webpage, you’ve taken the first step towards learning more about how early detection of breast cancer through regular screenings may help save your life.

Below, you will find a variety of links that will take you to resources that you can use to learn more about breast cancer, risk factors for breast cancer, signs and symptoms of this type of cancer, and the importance of getting screened to help detect cancer in its early stages – improving the chances that treatment will work.

About Breast Cancer

Know Your Risk for Breast Cancer

If you would like to make changes to risk factors you can control, as with any major lifestyle change such as beginning a new exercise routine or changing your diet, speak with your family doctor to talk about how to get started. There is a different plan that is best fit for each individual’s journey towards a healthier heart.

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Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

If you have symptoms of breast cancer, be sure see your family doctor as soon as you can. After asking you some questions and doing a complete physical exam (including a clinical breast exam), your doctor may want to do more tests, such as these.

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Early Detection of Breast Cancer

The term screening refers to testing and examinations used to find diseases such as cancer in people who do not show any symptoms. The earlier breast cancer is found, the better the chances you’ll have that treatment will work. The goal is to find cancers before they start to cause symptoms.

The American Cancer Society recommends that if you are a woman 40 or over, you should get a mammogram every year.*

To schedule your mammogram, ask your doctor to refer you to one of our three digital mammography service sites: Covenant Comprehensive Breast Center, Sartori Memorial Hospital or Mercy Hospital.

Are you in need of a doctor to talk to? Click Here to find a Covenant Clinic near you.

Additional testing to detect breast cancer may be recommended following your mammogram, or in place of your mammogram, depending on several factors. Your doctor and health care team will talk through your options with you if additional or alternative testing needs to be done.

Comprehensive Care for Breast Cancer

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, there are several different treatment options available for breast cancer through Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare – Iowa:

Navigation | Breast Cancer Navigator

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you can be connected to a patient navigator to help you on your journey through treatment at our Covenant Comprehensive Breast Center.

Treatment | Comprehensive Care

Covenant Cancer Treatment Center has provided comprehensive cancer care to local patients for over 25 years, providing you with chemotherapy, radiation therapy and other support services. For breast cancer specifically, they offer a targeted radiation therapy option called eBx (Electronic Brachytherapy). Click Here to learn more about this treatment option.

Surgery | Specialized Team

We have three experienced breast surgeons that can perform surgery on breast cancer patients at Covenant Medical Center or Sartori Memorial Hospital to help aid in the treatment of your cancer.